10 August 2011

Pointing finger on every direction

The world is getting hotter in recent years, already showing many signs of worldwide climate change. Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing, and the region may have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040 or earlier. Polar bears and indigenous cultures are already suffering from the sea-ice loss. Many big natural disasters happened in a row, extreme weather events killing thousands of human, seems like the nature wants to stop human population which treated the nature badly. It might change the planet. Although there are theories said that global warming is just a cycle and not dangerous, the fact is natural resources, which are most of them are not renewable, almost reach their exhaust and it causes instability of the ecosystem. Human activities are causing it.

Since the word “Global Warming” has became well-known to human society, most people have known the cause of global warming and the impact of global warming to the earth and have known how to prevent it. Nowadays, we are also taught about the way to prevent global warming and cure the world in every side: TV, mass media, school, posters in the streets, and brochures; everything is about persuading people to save the environment. Even there are several public movements shouting “Go Green” out loud, not only public movement but also artists and people communities do the same thing. Seems good, right? Is it a sign that the world is going better? Perhaps.

As we know that some people in some countries are blaming on each other for making the world hotter, even some big countries do not want to responsible about global warming and some of them even ignore what scientists say about the danger of global warming. There are also people who only talk about preventing worse global warming but have no action, even pointing their finger on every direction to urge others to heal the world, but not urging themselves. In Indonesia itself, the government has done some efforts in saving the environment, but their efforts are not maximal yet because the government is not fully supported by the entire people. Only few people who really change their daily life and take realistic actions in case of keeping the environment green. Minimum efforts are caused by the minimum self conscience on saving the world.

Individuals are not supposed to do a big thing to change the world, it is not a must. But if you can't do big thing, why don't do small thing with great way? Simple things like turning off the lamp while on the noon, bicycling to everywhere, and being vegetarian may help a lot. We should also use green technologies, which are rapidly bloom nowadays and develop them to be safer and better technologies. So, let’s begin our healthier life and environment from ourselves that will grow a conscience. Cooperation between the government and the people is also important. Work hard which is made by a synergy between government and people makes a great power. All of us are responsible, because the nature was created by God to be used by human, not to be broken. By treating our earth well, we can understand how almighty the God is.

*Hello readers! This english essay is a part of my English tasks. Notice me if you have something to say about the essay :D

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