13 January 2013

freshemester#1 - short prologue of an end

It's been almost two months since the last time I logged in to this blog.  
Looks like that 2 months took too much away my free time :S 
Yeah, mostly assignments and final exams preparation that made my days so dull. That's what they call college life. 

But it's okay, that was just a part of my history, let them be reminded forever. Actually, I had plenty free time during year-end holiday, but my internet provider was sucked on that days, keeping me away from loading pages. Smartfren typical -_-

Well, currently my final exam week is almost over. One more subject and I will be gone through from my freshman semester. 

Of course, I feel the time flies too fast, I still remember like a year ago I was having big paranoia regarding my future: where would I go after high school? Work? You mean being modern slave? Marriage? But with whom? .. and magically the word 'college' came after that question. Nice choice though. And a year later, I'm here waiting for my exams score, first GPA ever, and other college things that need to be done.

What lies ahead are semester holiday and holiday stuffs. I hope it means literally hahaha. 

Seems my holiday will be loaded with tons of programming course and  movies and sleeps and stalking. Currently, I'm learning AVR microcontroller programming in C and Android SDK using Java IDE, Eclipse. Recently, I also hooked up with Python language, it's a powerful and expressive language that has very simple syntax.
Even most hackers in the world use Python to do their masterpieces. 
If you wanna learn some Python stuffs, just go to codecademy.com because they have the best learning-by-doing tutorial on the web (as far as I know). 

Nevertheless, don't forget to replenish yourself, get some proper food, and do exercise because programming stuffs might be painful and those things could help you to feel less pain :D

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